Cable Links are the means by which DesignaKnit can download stitch pattern data to an electronic knitting machine.

All types of knitting machine, even non-electronic manual ones, may be linked to DesignaKnit for Interactive Knitting. The cable link allows the knitter to have row by row instructions for shaping and colour changing. With each pass of the carriage the screen updates to show details of the progress of the work.

DesignaKnit has cable links for the following types of machine:


Silver Reed/Knitmaster/Studio/Singer


Punchcard or other Non-electronic machines

You should use only a cable which has been designed for your make and model of knitting equipment. Make sure that the label on the cable shows that it is the correct cable for your machine.

Some Cable Links can now be connected via a USB adapter. Click here for more information.

Do not connect a cable to a disk drive or to anything other than an IBM-compatible PC RS232 serial port, or to a USB port, except via an approved adapter, and the appropriate knitting machine or pattern device.

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