Fittingly Sew 1.2 is a specialist program for designing and drafting sewing patterns to give a perfect fit. A wealth of features gives you the power of professional CAD at a fraction of the usual cost. The program is available for either Windows or Macintosh platforms.

Fittingly Sew is very easy to learn, and offers the ability to make and store a library of slopers (body blocks) and use these as the basis of a range of of patterns for a variety of garments, or you can design your patterns from scratch, or base them on the garment templates provided. All these elements are fully customizable to give free rein to your creativity and expertise.

  • Full control in placing darts, tucks and pleats
  • Transfer darts
  • Cut pieces into sections to form yokes, panels, etc.
  • Design curved seams in the knowledge they will match perfectly
  • Join pieces
  • Automatically generate facings
  • Specify seam allowances on individual seams
  • Garment templates included
  • Variety of collar templates included

When you have drafted the pattern pieces, you can experiment with layplans to get the best use out of your fabric - you can even use a grid to match the fabric pattern repeats so that you can be sure the pattern will match at the seams. Pattern pieces may be positioned on the straight of grain or on the bias and you can choose to place them on the fold.

Fittingly Sew will output your design to an ordinary desktop printer, numbering the pages and inserting registration marks for easy assembly.

Click here to download an interactive demonstration of Fittingly Sew 1.2,