What can the Demo do?

The Fittingly Sew demonstration program is designed to give you an insight into the power of the full program. The demonstration allows you to experiment with drafting "slopers" (body blocks) for skirts and trousers using either the standard sizes provided or measurements you enter yourself.

You may then proceed to draft patterns based on these slopers using the full range of tools to create or transfer darts, add pleats and pintucks, curve seams, cut or join pieces, generate facings and determine seam allowances. You may also develop pattern pieces from scratch. In addition, you may set grids to represent pattern repeats and experiment with layplans, placing pieces along the straight of grain or on the bias.

The demonstration does not allow you to develop bodice or sleeve slopers or have more than 5 pieces in a pattern, or to use the pattern templates. You will not be able to save the files you create; you cannot open existing files or print them (except the example pattern included in the demo). These features are all included in the full program.


To download the demo, click here:

How to install

Windows users:

Save the file to a temporary directory on your hard disk

Use Windows Explorer (Win 95) or File Manager (Win 3.x) to locate the file FSDemo.exe and double click on it. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Indicate the name of directory into which you wish to install the Demo, or leave it at the default C:\FITSEW

You will probably want to leave the option for Create Windows Icon checked, so that a Soft Byte group will be created, containing the Fittingly Sew icon.

Then select OK and wait while files are installed onto your hard disk.

Instructions for using the Fittingly Sew Demo are contained in the file NOTES.WRI. For existing users of version 1.1, this file also describes the new features of version 1.2. After installing the Demo, NOTES.WRI will be in the FITSEW directory on your hard disk. To view the file, you may either open Windows Write (WordPad in Windows 95) or any other word processor which can open .WRI files, and click on File/Open and use the browse box to locate and open NOTES.WRI or you can locate the file in File Manager (Explorer in Windows 95) and double click on it to open it.

Windows Version - System Requirements

Fittingly Sew 1.2 for Windows has the following minimum requirements

386, 486 or Pentium IBM-compatible PC


256 colour SVGA display

Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, NT4, ME, Win2K, XP

Mouse or other pointing device

Macintosh Demonstration

Please contact your national importer for a Macintosh demonstration disk.