Driver Update for SilverLinks 2, 4 & 5 USB

The software interface to the SilverLink 2, 4 and 5 USB has been improved to eliminate the problems experienced by some knitters.

Please also download the latest program update and, if appropriate, a new language pack.

Download and install the update as follows (you may find it helpful to print this page):

Click on the link at the end of these instructions to take you to the download page. Follow the instructions there to start the download of the file SL245_USB.exe. Do not select 'run from this location'. Confirm the location where you want to store the file and Windows will display a dialogue which will show the progress of the download. At the end of the download you can click on the 'open folder' button to open the folder where the file is stored. (Once this file is downloaded, you do not have to remain connected to the Internet for the next stage.)

Before proceeding you must first uninstall the current driver. Disconnect the SilverLink USB cable from the PC, then open Control Panel (Start/Control Panel or Start/Settings/Control Panel), double click on Add/Remove Programs, select software called 'FTDI USB-to-Serial Converter Drivers" and click on Remove. Windows will confirm the removal of this program.

Locate the file SL245_USB.exe in the folder where you have stored it (if your Folder options are set not to display known file extensions, the file name will appear as SL245_USB) and double-click on it.

The next dialogue asks to you confirm where you want to extract the driver update files. The default location is C:\sltemp. We suggest that you accept this default. Click on the Unzip button. The program will create the folder C:\sltemp and extract the files to it.

(NB. If you are going to install the driver update on a different computer, then you should extract the files to removable media.

For a floppy disk, insert a newly formatted floppy disk into drive A and, on the WinZip Self-Extractor dialogue, delete the default location and change it to A:\

For a CD, extract the files as instructed to the hard disk and then use your CD burning program to copy the contents of C:\sltemp to a CD-R or CD-RW.)

Connect your SilverLink 2, 4 or 5 to a power supply and then connect it to a free USB port.

The installation is in two stages:

A dialogue will appear asking for the Compact Disk to be inserted. Whether you are using a CD or not, click on OK. The next dialogue will ask for the location of the driver update files.

If you are using a CD or floppy, insert it now.

Click on the Browse... button to locate the drive or folder on the hard disk where you extracted the files. The file FTDIBUS.SYS will show in the browser window. Click on Open to enter the path into the 'Files Needed' dialogue and then click OK to begin the installation.

Windows will install the driver update and will then immediately show another dialogue asking for the CD - this is the second stage of the operation - click on OK and in the next dialogue click on the Browse... button again. The same folder or drive will automatically open and the file FTSER2K.SYS will show in the browser window. Click on Open to enter the path into the 'Files Needed' dialogue and then click on OK to install. This completes the installation of the updated driver.

Click here to download update