Troubleshooting Downloading to Pfaff/Passap E6000

If none of the solutions on the Troubleshooting page solves your problem, try each of the points below until you find a solution to the problem:

Console Chips Need Updating

If you cannot get to the point at which the console displays "PC START", this could mean that the console does not have the necessary chips for downloading from the Passap / Pfaff program Creation 6. These chips are necessary also for downloading from DesignaKnit. The serial number underneath the console indicates whether the console had the chips in when it was purchased new. A console with serial number 6025980 or later will have the chips. A console with a serial no which begins with a 7 will have 32K memory.

Error 213

If when using the E6000 Link 2 an Error 213 is notified on the console as soon as the Zero key on the console is pressed, move the switch on the little black box to the other position and try again. The switch should point away from the red spot for downloading, and towards it for Interactive Knitting. It is possible that the link was despatched with the red spot positioned incorrectly.

Error 207, 209 or 213

If the progress bar completes and then the console reports Error 207, 209, or 213, turning on the New Link Software option described in section

Then try downloading again. If the problem is still there, copy the file called SLO from your DesignaKnit Setup disk into the DesignaKnit directory on your Hard Disk, and try again.

Error 214

If an Error 214 is notified on the console as soon as the download begins, this could be because of an incorrect sequence of button presses on the E6000 console. First wait until the WAIT message disappears, then press ENT, ENT, the required caston number, ENT, NO, unlabelled key, and finally Zero.