Video Help Tutorials

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Standard Garment Styling Tutorials

First Sweater
Second Sweater
Short Sleeve Top
Second Sweater

Original Pattern Drafting Tutorials

Sideways Knitting
Baby Sweater
Using the Grading Tool
Exact Stitch Layout
Placing Stitch Patters in Original Pattern Drafting

Stitch Designer Tutorials

Tiled Diamonds
Tools 1
Tools 2
Tools 3
The Yarn Palette
Bear Afghan
New Cable Tool
First Blanket
Introducing the KnitWrite Font
Placing a Single Motif
Second Sweater

Graphics Studio Tutorials

Converting a Punchcard
Gymnast Sweater
Cats on a Fence
Two Puppies

Interactive Knitting Tutorials

- in progress -

Updating DK8 from the web

Automatic Updates